Pizza & Honesty

Recently I posted about hemp seeds on my Instagram and shared a little about superfoods. I’ve posted about Organic Produce and my last blog post was about Organic Coffee and well… you’re starting to get the idea. When it comes to food, all of what I post focuses on HEALTHY and building awareness about what we are putting in our bodies to ultimately fuel them in the best way possible. Because, that is the true point and purpose of food isn’t it? This blog and my social media outlets are about my journey to make healthier choices and my hope in sharing these things is that it will in turn create a healthier world for you too. At the same time, I also want to be honest and transparent with my readers.

Yesterday, after I posted all about superfoods, I went out for pizza (my favorite) with family and I started to think…I don’t want my readers to think I eat perfectly organic and clean all the time just because that’s all they see me preach. While I am passionate about the benefits of superfoods, organic, apple cider vinegar, green juice, antibiotic free, grass-fed etc., I am also passionate about BALANCE. I believe in eating the not so good things for you that are really yummy as long as it’s in moderation and balanced with overall healthy eating habits.

For example, yesterday for breakfast I had my Go-To Green Smoothie. Find the recipe for that from my blog post here. Then, for lunch I had a nice big healthy salad with lean chicken. And dinner was lots of pizza with ranch dressing and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert! So… see? I’m human, and for me it’s okay because I created a good balance for myself in my day of eating. Were the pizza, ranch dressing and cookie organic? Heck no, and I won’t lose sleep over it. But… while we are on the topic of pizza, one of my favorite pizzas by Amy’s Kitchen that I make at home often is organic and it’s amazing. And because I have to eat pizza with ranch dressing, I use this organic ranch dressing from Annie’s 😉

Sometimes I eat my pizza at home organic, healthier style and sometimes I indulge in the greasy not so great for you kind. It doesn’t stop at pizza either, but I won’t bore you. You get the idea. So yes, this blog is all about healthy choices, but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat junk sometimes. That’s just me. To the guys and gals that eat clean all the time, that’s amazing and something to be proud of, and for the vegetarians and vegans out there, I support what you are doing and think it’s awesome, but at the same time, that’s just not me and I don’t want my readers to be mislead in any way.

The point of this post in case you missed it: You probably won’t see a lot of pizza and beer (my favorite alcoholic beverage while not pregnant) pictures on my Instagram account, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying those things every once and awhile in between the healthy things. It’s taken me years to figure out my ideal balance too. Listen to your body and what it needs and what it is asking for and adjust accordingly. The truth is when I eat like junk, I feel like junk so I tend to chose that path less and less.

So here’s to honesty, pizza, beer (gosh I miss you!), some green juice and finding YOUR ideal balance.

Lots of love and good pizza… I mean health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie



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