Easy No-Bake Peanut Butter & Chocolate Energy Balls

pb3WARNING: You may get addicted to these things!

I have been making these delicious energy balls for years and thought it’s definitely time to share the simple recipe with you guys! These are super easy to make and packed with superfoods, fiber, protein and some fun, sweet stuff too 🙂 I actually love to have these on hand in my fridge when I’m craving a sweet treat, but don’t want to indulge too much. One of these is the perfect fix. TIP: I like to heat mine up in the microwave for 10 seconds so it’s warm and gooey, YUM!

So here’s the Recipe:

2 Cups Oats

1 Cup Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

1 Cup Flax Seed (preferably ground)

1 Cup Chocolate Chips

2/3 Cup Honey

1/8 Cup Chia Seeds

2 Teaspoons Vanilla


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.


2. Mix with a spatula until it looks like this


3. Next, take small amounts and form into balls using your hands. Store in a container and place in fridge or at room temperature depending on your preference (my husband likes them cold).


Feel free to get creative with the ingredients and alter the recipe a bit. Maybe use a fun flavored almond or peanut butter, add nuts or maybe even some raisins or other dried fruit.

And while I’m sharing…this is my new favorite honey, probably the best I’ve ever had so definitely check out Buzz & Bloom! Not sponsored, I just really love it 🙂



Lot’s of love and good health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie

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