I’m Pregnant!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the right time to share…that I am pregnant! We are expecting our first child in April 2017 and couldn’t be more excited! Now I can also share more about the true reason behind why I started this non-toxic journey of mine. Of course I wanted to go non-toxic and natural for many, many beneficial reasons, but a huge part was for my future baby that we were trying for and hoping we would be blessed with soon.

I just know there are other soon-to-be and wannabe moms out there that feel the way I did… hoping to clean up their health and the products they use daily in order to be the healthiest for their future child. It’s a bit overwhelming, but something I am super passionate about and feel is so important. I hope I can help other moms and mamas-to-be with awareness and jump starting their non-toxic journey.

With that being said, a lot of my posts in the coming months will follow along with my pregnancy and the non-toxic, organic and natural pregnancy and baby alternatives I discover along the way. Thank you for reading and for your support.


Lots of love and good health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie

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