Rustic Maka Detox Underarm Care System Review

I started trying different natural, aluminum-free deodorants last May. You can check out one of my first posts on choosing natural deodorant over conventional brands here.  I wouldn’t say the transition was the easiest or most pleasant for me. For the first few months, I definitely noticed that I was starting to smell mid-day and I somewhat shrugged it off and just figured… maybe this is just how natural deodorant is, maybe I picked the wrong kind, maybe it just doesn’t last as long and since it’s not an antiperspirant, maybe I’m just going to sweat a lot and sweat smells… While some of that is true, looking back, what I didn’t take into account during the process was the fact that my underarms were detoxing. Detoxing from over 15 years of using aluminum deodorants and antiperspirants. Detoxing the chemicals, dead skin cells, clogged pores and hair shafts that had built up over the years in my underarm area.

Enter Rustic Maka’s DETOX – Underarm Care System™ which is designed to accelerate the detox process during the initial transition from conventional antiperspirants, or reoccurring detox effects after a lifestyle-changing event. Boy, I wish I would have had this back then!

All DETOX kit ingredients are specifically selected for their highest nutrient content and purifying properties for maximum skin benefit and rejuvenation. The 3-step system is formulated to work in synergy to leave your delicate underarm skin feeling cleansed, balanced and nourished, and to get you on your way to enjoy the benefits of natural deodorants. YES!

When I did learn about this detox kit/system, although it was months and months after my initial transition, I knew I still wanted to and had to try it out! My underarms have always been particularly delicate and sensitive… prone to ingrowns, skin build up and irritation, sometimes to the point where I have to avoid tank tops. Maybe this was the answer to finally making an underarm change for the better.

So what does the detox system entail? 3 super easy and simple steps! Cleanse, Exfoliate and Balance. The steps and my experience are outlined below.

Step 1: Cleanse


Activated Charcoal Soap is a non-drying natural soap fortified with powerful magnet-like properties of Activated Charcoal and mineral-rich Kaolin clay. Designed to effectively remove impurities this potent combination leaves your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. The nourishing blend of olive, coconut and sustainable palm oils is suitable for the most sensitive underarm area, while Grapefruit and Spearmint essential oils energize the senses with a refreshing zing.

Unique, mineral-rich fibers of Konnyaku plant infused with activated charcoal make the Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge an ideal companion to gently cleanse and remove build-up without stripping the delicate underarm skin.

Working in unison, Activated Charcoal Soap + Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge provide a gentle clean with powerful results.

Use: Twice a day (Morning & Evening)

This step is my favorite. I have fallen in love with this charcoal soap and confession: I use it all over my body, not just on my underarms! The soap is just so hydrating and makes your skin feel so good. It doesn’t hurt that it smells great too. The Konjac Sponge really makes a little go a long way and it lathers up nicely.

Step 2: Exfoliate


Purifying Clays is a powerful, water-activated exfoliant that utilizes purifying effects of Kaolin and Bentonite clays to remove dead skin build-up and promote natural skin renewal process. Mined in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, mineral-rich Rhassoul clay makes an ideal companion to fortify and stimulate the skin with high magnesium, potassium and calcium content. Vast absorbent powers of Bamboo Charcoal detoxify, while a blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts combined with soothing Rice flour bring forth skin’s impurities and nourish the underarm area. These carefully selected, high-performing ingredients help accelerate the detox process and leave the skin softened and cleansed.

Use: Twice a week (Evening)

I think this step was so key for my underarms since they are prone to skin build up and ingrowns. We often remember to exfoliate our face, but we forget that our underarm skin needs gentle exfoliation too, especially with course hair growing there! I felt like this has helped the condition of my underarms so much. They are less red and irritated after shaving and just feel smoother and look healthier overall.

Step 3: Balance


Balance it all with a vitamin-rich BALANCE – Antioxidant Serum. Carefully formulated with potent, plant-based ingredients with one goal in mind – balance over-stimulated skin.

A nourishing blend of Moringa and Rose Hip oils specifically selected to soothe, harmonize and rejuvenate even the most delicate skin. Deeply hydrating and restorative powers of Black Cumin and Camellia oils drench and infuse the skin with highly concentrated Vitamin A, C and E. A silky application makes this serum an ideal companion for over exerted skin.

Use: Daily (Evening)

Another confession, this serum is great for underarms, true, but I use it on my face, neck and arms too! I was already a big fan of rose hip oil, but this combines rose hip with some other amazing vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients. It has been super soothing for my underarms overnight. Little did I know that I was making a big mistake by putting my deodorant on at night after my nighttime shower. This is when you underarms need to breathe and rejuvenate and this serum helps them do just that!

Overall Thoughts:

This detox system is everything! A big winner in my book…my underarms have never been in such great condition… It really does work and I have only been using it for a little over a month now! The kit also comes with their Pachy deodorant which in combination with the detox system, has been working really well for me. No mid-day smells and I stay pretty dry throughout the day. Their deodorant scents are so refreshing. I have tried the lavender and the lemonade and it’s hard to pick a favorite between the two.

A huge bonus of this kit is that you can use the products for other places on the body, not just the underarms! I love multi-use products! Like I said earlier in the post, looking back, I would have loved having this when I first made the transition to natural deodorants. If you are looking to make that transition or if you have any underarm issues like I did, you have to check out this amazing detox system!

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience.

Lots of love and good health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie



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