Your Kiddo Caught a Cold, Now What? Our Natural Approach to Kickin’ It Fast!

Our almost 18 month old son Lane is currently battling a cold, so I thought I’d write up a post on the things we are doing so that it doesn’t linger. Thankfully Lane has rarely been sick since he was born and if he has, he usually kicks it pretty fast. We attribute that to following the steps below. Although we take many preventative steps to boost his immune system and keep him healthy, with all the germs and kiddos he comes into contact with at the gym and church nursery, he’s bound to catch something at some point.

Warm Detox Bath

We normally do baths around here every other night, but when the sickness hits, we make it happen every night until we kick it. We make sure the water is nice and warm and add in about ½ cup of Epsom salts with a drop of Lemon and Lavender essential oil to help flush out toxins and stimulate lympthatic drainage. A soothing bath like this is also key to de-stress and relax the body. This helps with healing and promoting more restful sleep which is important when the body is fighting inflammation and illness.

Diffuser Blends

Our go to essential oil blends when anyone in our home is sick are Raven and RC. We usually add Lemon to one of those too. I keep the drops low for Lane’s room since he is only 18 months and usually turn it off after an hour keeping in mind that his system is much more delicate and sensitive than ours. I will do 2 drops of Raven or RC with 2-3 drops of Lemon. We have a Dew Drop diffuser in Lane’s room and what’s great about it is it’s a diffuser and a humidifier in one. This is perfect in general with Arizona’s dry air, but especially ideal for moisturizing the air when he has a cough or congestion.


We roll Sniffleease essential oil blend on the bottom of Lane’s feet and/or mix with some ointment or coconut oil for a homemade chest and back rub to help open up the airways for easier breathing. Sniffleease is a pre-diluted Kidscents blend formulated specifically for kiddos aged 2-12. We also continue with our daily application of our Immunity Booster Roller on the bottoms of his feet and along the spine.

Here’s the recipe:

Kids Immunity Booster 10ml Roller-

5 drops of Thieves essential oil blend

5 drops of Lemon essential oil

5 drops of Frankincense essential oil

Fill the rest of the 10ml roller with a carrier oil of your choice.

Apply to the bottoms of the feet and along the spine.

*For kiddos 6 months- 2 years use 2-3 drops of each oil instead of 5.

roller 2


Hydrating is important when you are battling a cold or any illness. To achieve proper hydration the human body requires electrolytes, which balance out our blood chemistry. Coconut water is known for its high concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.  In addition to all of its hydrating benefits, coconut water also contains antioxidants that help to neutralize oxidative stress. Thankfully Lane loves coconut water so we make sure to increase his intake of coconut water as well as all fluids during this time.

Get Outside & Get Moving

I think it’s natural when sick to think “We should stay inside and rest” and while I do believe rest is key, I don’t agree with staying inside. Daily, but especially when sick, we make it a point to get both outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D. Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses and a vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. Research shows that vitamin D works to maintain tolerance and promote protective immunity. Fresh air and movement are also both well known to boost the immune system.


We take elderberry syrup all season to promote wellness and boost our immune systems, but when sick we increase the daily dose to 3 times a day. Lane gets 1tsp and we usually mix it into his smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal. We get ours from our local farmer’s market, but elderberry syrup is fairly easy to make yourself at home as well.

These berries were a part of folk medicine in ancient times, and have several medicinal properties. They are loaded with antioxidants, are a powerful source of dietary fiber, and are rich in Vitamin C. They can promote the immune system, cure viral and bacterial infections, and are useful for treating flu, cold and cough.

Elderberries are known as immune system boosters, as they have potent chemical compounds known as anthocyanidins that are rich in immunostimulant effects. They possess anti-infectious and antibacterial properties that help in warding off flu, cold and influenza when it is rapidly spreading during a specific season. Apart from strengthening the immune system, elderberries also offer protection against autoimmune conditions.

When you are already under the weather, the syrup of elderberries has active ingredients like anthocyanins, which is a bioflavonoid that acts like a cough syrup and soothes irritation and inflammation. It also performs like a cough expectorant to remove the phlegm in your system, and can positively affect your respiratory glands.

Hope these ideas were helpful. Thanks for reading!

Lots of love and good health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie

Note: I’m an oil educator, a mama, and a natural living enthusiast, but definitely not a doctor. I tend to steer toward natural remedies as the first line of defense and I always ask myself, “Is there an oil I can try for that?” Anything written in my posts are ideas and suggestions on the ways you can use essential oils and other natural remedies based on what has worked well for us, however, at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide what you are comfortable with based on your own research. This post is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. If you need a health care professional for your child, please seek one out immediately.