Young Living FAQs & Misconceptions Answered

Post Updated: March 2019

Time and time again, I hear people tell me they wish they would have gotten started with Young Living essential oils sooner…that they were afraid to ask how it all works, thought it was different based on other companies or that they thought becoming a member meant they had to sign their life away…

While Young Living is a network marketing company, it’s very different from the majority. Different in a good way and one of the many reasons why I chose to be a part of it! I never have to pressure anyone to buy and I don’t have quotas to meet, these amazing oils and non-toxic products sell themselves and all I do is spread the word, share my experiences and educate on what they can do! So with all of that being said, here are the frequently asked questions and misconceptions I hear most often and my answers to them!

How do I purchase Young Living Essential oils or products?

There are two ways to purchase Young Living essential oils:

  1. You can sign up as a Retail Customer using the member number of the friend that referred you to Young Living oils. You’ll pay full retail price. Honestly, not many people choose this route.
  2. The way most people choose to get Young Living oils or products is to sign up as a Wholesale Member using the member number of the friend that referred you to Young Living oils. The way you get started as a member is by ordering a Young Living Starter Kit.

These kits are specifically created to set you up for success especially if you are new to essential oils and non-toxic living plus they are the best bang for your buck when you compare the retail value of everything you are getting to the cost of a kit. What’s great is now there are 4 different kit options if you want to get started as a member. Here they are:

  • Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit (12 multi-use oils + your choice of 4 diffuser options)DSC_7579
  • Thieves Household Items Premium Starter Kit32741549473_6cbc5c7269_z-e1529858034271.jpg
  • Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit


The 3 kits above all come with a sample of Thieves cleaner concentrate, samples of Ningxia Red Antioxidant drink, mini vials for sharing or travel and more!

  • Savvy Minerals Non-Toxic Makeup Starter Kit (available in 4 foundation shades)


How much are the kits? Are there any other start up fees or associated membership fees?

The Savvy Minerals Makeup Kits are $150, Thieves Kits are $160, Essential Oil Premium Starter Kits start at $165 (depends on diffuser choice) and Ningxia Red Kits are $170 – plus tax and shipping. No other start up fees or membership fees EVER!

Why would I want to become a member with you?

So many reasons! If you’re new to essential oils, the premium starter kit sets you up for success with everything you need to get started on the right foot including resources and a supportive online community. I take pride in supporting you in any way I can so that you get the most out of your oils and hopefully fall in love with incorporating them into your daily wellness routine. Along with your starter kit, I personally send a welcome package with educational resources and other fun goodies to support you with your new kit and new journey.

You also get 24% off retail prices for life and access to amazing (optional) perks like Essential Rewards where you can earn up to 25% back on your purchases and other great promotions that change each month. Young Living isn’t just essential oils! They have non-toxic household items and cleaning products, natural supplements, skincare, personal care, makeup, baby and kids products, cooking items and so much more.

Do you have a sign up link?

Here is the link to the sign up page with my member number plugged in if you’re ready to get started! But… I’m always available to walk you through it step by step, send more info or answer any questions you have. 😊

Is there an annual membership fee?


Do I have to sign up for automatic shipments or is there a monthly requirement to purchase a certain amount?

No! Isn’t that awesome? As a Wholesale Member, you’ll be able to purchase oils and other products at wholesale price (24% off) and you can buy whenever you want. Technically, you could just buy a starter kit and never make a purchase again, but I hope that’s not the case and you fall in love with the oils and what they can do for you!

But I heard about an automatic shipment program. What is that?

That’s Essential Rewards and it’s truly awesome, but totally optional. It’s a customizable wellness box you can change up each month to whatever you need. I love being on ER and order my dish soap, laundry soap, supplements, makeup, oils and more through this program. You can join at any time and cancel at any time, but you earn 10-25% back on your purchases in points, so just make sure to turn in your points before you cancel otherwise you lose them.

I want a kit, but I don’t want to sell/do the business. Do I have to sell?

I think this is the biggest misconception out there! I still get people all the time that say they waited so long to get a kit because they thought they HAD to do the business! No. No. No. Anyone who becomes a wholesale member has the option to do the business at any time, but there is never an obligation and I personally will never ever pressure anyone to do the business! I actually decided to do the business about 6 months after I joined as a member and got my starter kit.

When I sign up, why does it ask for my social security number? Do I have to provide that to get a kit?

No! Providing your SSN is optional. When you sign up as a Wholesale Member, you’re eligible to earn commissions right away IF you choose to do the business. While there is never any requirement to sell, your SSN is required if you earn more than $600 in a calendar year so Young Living can send you tax forms. You can choose to provide your social security number at signup or in the future or never.

Why should I choose Young Living essential oils? There are a lot of other brands out there and a lot of them are cheaper!

Did you know that essential oils like the ones you see at stores like TJMaxx, on Amazon and at the grocery store only need to have 5% essential oil in them to be labeled as 100% pure or therapeutic grade? YES, it’s true. So what’s in that bottle? They don’t have to tell you. The other 95% can be synthetics and other cheap fillers.

This is another one of the MANY reasons I chose Young Living essential oils. Young Living has a Seed to Seal (visit link to read more) process with strict standards when it comes to farming, distilling, testing and more. Young Living does not use chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. The land they use for cultivation is carefully picked and chemical free far beyond the 3 year USDA organic requirement and some of the land used has never seen these harmful materials.

Young Living’s sprays their fields with a natural herbicide made of essential oils, neem oil, and castile soap and they even handpick weeds in their fields. Every step in their process is carefully thought out and considered in order to grow the highest quality plants without compromising them with harmful chemicals along the way.

I knew that Young Living’s knowledge and practices in the farming, distillation, and analytical evaluation of essential oils was unsurpassed. They truly adhere to producing therapeutic grade essential oils and don’t just slap that on the bottle. Their harvesting and distilling practices are individualized specifically to each plant so that each step is done at the precise time to reap the most therapeutic benefits from the plant and produce the highest quality oil. They promise never to compromise their oils by adding synthetics, contaminants or cheap fillers or by using unethical production practices.

Young Living has 28 years in the development and discovery of essential oils for natural remedies and supplementation. They have 25 years in the farming, distillation, and analytical evaluation and study of essential oils. They know what they are doing and in my opinion are the very best at what they do. This is why Young Living oils are the only oils I trust and will ever use on myself and my family.
Can’t I just purchase Young Living Oils from Amazon or other sites?

Young Living Essential Oils does not allow any of its distributors to purchase and resell on online sites like Amazon, eBay or even Etsy. If you’re purchasing from those places, you could be purchasing products that have been tampered with or diluted. It is very easy for people to buy unopened, tamper-proof tops to put onto an already opened bottle. There is no guarantee that what you’re getting is truly 100% pure Young Living oils unless you order direct from

Hope those answers were helpful! Do you have any other questions I didn’t answer? Just ask! I want to educate and help you in any way I can 🙂

Lots of love and good health,

Tasha, The Non-Toxic Newbie


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